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The 2021 harvest records excellent quality

Positive results at the end of the 2021 harvest for
Dosio Vigneti, Cantine Coppo and Villa Giada despite the complex vintage

La Morra (Cuneo), 8 November 2021 – The Dosio Group produces wines made from grapes coming from vineyards located in the territories of the Langhe and Monferrato, area which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At the end of the 2021 harvest, the balance is more than positive despite the weather conditions during the year have created some concern at times. The vintage was incredible: 12 months in which nature was able to be generous and reward with great quality after making people suffer and fear for the grapes.

In the Langa and Monferrato vineyards of the Group, there was a good winter with the right amount of water divided between snow and rain able to guarantee a normal water reserve in the underground strata. The beginning of spring caused us to tremble with aggressive frosts that mainly affected the Langa area but the Dosio vineyards – far from the valley floor – did not suffer any kind of damage.

The first phases of spring awakening of the plants were regular and in line with the last 20 years. Flowering was excellent, with great differences between the different varieties. Quite in advance on early-ripening varieties such as Moscato and Nebbiolo, a little later on Barbera.

The summer was rather drought with rare rainfalls in the form of storms that that have contributing little to the growing season of the vine. Before the harvest, the fear of anomalous ripening values of the grapes dissolved with the arrival of the first bunches with exceptional aromas and magnificent grapes.

At the end of the harvest season, the yields were rather low, decreasing in some cases of 10% – 15% compared to the average, but the vine was able to be generous with perfectly ripe bunches, an excellent freshness given by the good acidity which, combined with the structure and the incredible intensity of the colors, it ensures a production of exquisite wines.

In Monferrato, the Barbera wines expressed themselves at their best, with a good fragrance and incredibly concentrated colors. In the Langhe, it was possible to wait for the optimal harvest time for the Nebbiolo wines thanks to a particularly mild early autumn, with hot days and cool nights that will surely bring great aromas.

With the conviction that it is not quantity but quality that makes the difference in the world of great wines, the Dosio Group is extremely satisfied with the results of the 2021 harvest. Whites and reds are to be drunk young and are presented in the name of harmonious balance with a very pleasant drinkability; the more structured reds as well as the Muscat and the classic method, promise to be among the best in recent years thanks to the quality of the raw material. The Nebbiolo wines, in particular, suggest that they have just put one of the best vintages in the cellar with powerful and complex wines, both from an olfactory and taste point of view.

About Gruppo Dosio
Dosio Vigneti, Cantine Coppo and Villa Giada form the Dosio Group. Constant pursuit of quality, respect for tradition with an eye on innovation together with attention to the environment and natural rhythms are the main values on which the Group is founded. Currently, the Dosio Group has a vineyard area of approximately 70 hectares of both native Piedmontese and international vines.