A true sensory experience

The journey of the grape: from vineyard to wine

The Dosio winery is situated in a unique hilltop location completely surrounded by vineyards.
This allows us to offer visitors a tour of discovery that begins in the vineyard, continues in
our underground cellars and ends in the tasting room. A true sensory experience.

A stroll through the vineyards

A journey of discovery of the estate and our wine: a nature tour of the vineyard
to enjoy the views and learn about the terroir and the aromas
and distinguishing characteristics of the vines.
The visit continues with the wine production stages in the winery and
ends with a tasting of 5 of our wines.


Come and visit our winery

Not just wine, but a journey of discovery.
An experience that begins in the vineyards, moves on
to the cellars and ends with the opportunity to sample
our wines.