Tradition in
continuous updating


Winery foundation and purchase of the first estate vineyards in La Morra municipality

On the edge of the historic village of La Morra, in the Serradenari region, 500m above sea level, is an old farmhouse, dating back to the first half of the 1700s. The hills surrounding it seem ideal for planting vineyards. And it was thanks to this intuition and passion for viticulture that the large structure was transformed into a winery, giving birth in 1974 to Dosio Vigneti and becoming the heart of the estate and wine production.


Debut of Barolo Docg Fossati with vineyard mention on label

MGA Fossati is an important cru because it is intimately linked to the winery’s history. Dosio’s Barolo Fossati was in fact the first to bear this name, back in 1982. In short, being a warmer area with limestone soil, it produces a Barolo that is more nervous when young but takes on exceptional characteristics over time.


Debut of Barolo Docg Serradenari, the highest Barolo of the entire denomination.

According to the Municipal Map of September XXX, 1880 drawn up by Ravinale Filippo, surveyor in La Morra,Serradenari is the highest point of the Barolo vineyards.
Our winery, which is the name with the longest tradition in this MGA with the first Serradenari label in 2003, has all the vineyards of this mention along the south-facing slope where the goodness of the exposure, as well as the soils, complements the fragrance due to the altitude.


The first Dosio’s Reserve

The first Riserva joins the range and comes from the Fossati cru.


A new chapter: founders are succeeded by new owners, the Lanci family

In total respect for the historicity of the place, new areas dedicated to the presentation and tasting of wines are inaugurated. Areas that enhance the beautiful location of the winery surrounded by vineyards, with a view that can sweep over the Cuneo plain to the summit of Monviso.


Dosio’s Barolo Docg classico takes municipal mention by becoming Barolo Docg del Comune di La Morra.


Dosio’s range expands with two red wines and a white wine

Barbaresco Docg, Langhe Doc Riesling and Langhe Doc Freisa join the range-wines that once again testify to the constant pursuit of quality and the highest expression of tradition.


Renovation and expansion of the winery for both the winemaking and aging rooms and the reception areas

To go hand in hand with the winery’s growth in both production and incoming, we inaugurated new indoor and outdoor areas. New spaces that enhance the Company’s location and allow guests to enjoy the quiet and tranquility of these places, where time seems to stand still.


Sustainability and the opening of the Agri-Wine Resort.

Starting with the 2023 vintage obtaining SQNPI sustainability certification.
Inauguration of Antica Dimora Dosio, Agri-Wine Resort that embraces the concept of hospitality and love for the Langhe region


Launch of the first vintage of Langhe Doc Sauvignon Olivia

A Langhe Doc Sauvignon that comes from our vineyards at 500m and that we wanted to dedicate to Olivia: the Weimaraner of Eng. Lanci – who passed away in January 2023 – who became the winery mascot. It was among the Sauvignon vines in front of the house that Olivia used to take her daily walks with the Engineer, and it is here that, to this day, she continues to take them to keep up the small daily rituals. This wine, as well as Olivia, remind us that pieces of the Engineer’s heart are always on this hill, even though he is no longer physically with us.