A holistic approach

Working together with nature, with the land in which we operate, is one of our foundational values.

A cluster of quality arises solely from healthy soil that, to be so, requires care, sensitivity, and attention. From this simple yet essential premise, stems our constant commitment to the environment.

In our vineyards we follow the principles of integrated pest management: a crop protection practice
recognised and regulated by the European Union’s Rural Development Plan.
This vineyard management allows us to apply sustainable agriculture
with a low environmental impact through a series of good practices:

Parameter monitoring – Stations 4.0 agro-weather

Modern technologies in the vineyard. The 4.0 stations – besides monitoring the climatic and weather situation – also enable us to predict the development of any pathogens and intervene promptly.

Respecting the environment, our territory, also involves agronomic practices such as controlled grassing and green manure. No herbicides are used in Dosio, because grass, and its roots, provide the soil with the oxygen it needs and ensure a natural balance, protecting it from erosion. Additionally, we adopt a very close planting pattern to favour the deep rooting of the vines. Furthermore, in our vineyards, we continue the ancient practice of green manure, which involves cultivating the soil in rotation with various types of plants – legumes or grasses, for example. These plants are then incorporated into the soil with the primary goal of enriching it with organic substances useful for the growth of the vine and increasing its resistance to drought.

In our vineyards, we adopt biological defense methods aimed at combating the spread of vineyard pests: to protect our vineyards from grape moths and leafhoppers – two common pests – we employ the natural method of mating disruption using pheromones. Generally, in our vineyard estate, we primarily use state-of-the-art defense products that are environmentally friendly and promote the presence of bees and other insects crucial to the balance of the ecosystem in which we live and work every day.

In Dosio, the constant and continuous search for the quality of both the final product and the processes, soil and structures, has always been one of our founding values. The traditions, the experience and the peasant wisdom, handed down from generation to generation, guide our daily work. This is why almost all the processes in the vineyard are carried out manually: from pruning to checkering until the most awaited moment of the year: the harvest, carried out entirely by hand. As in the past the bunches are detached, placed in baskets and, thanks to the proximity to the cellar, quickly started to the subsequent processing, which will transform the grapes into fine wines.

A minimal intervention oenological approach with vinification protocols that aim to reduce the use of sulphites, enhancing the expression of each terroir and thus allowing each wine to best express its character.

SQNPI certification

These values are attested, starting from the 2022 harvest, by the SQNPI certification, “National Integrated Production Quality System” – certification born to enhance the agricultural products obtained respecting the regional disciplinary of integrated production.

We use lighter glass bottles to reduce CO2 emissions

On a selection of wines we use Nomacorc caps made from sustainable and renewable raw materials derived from sugar cane

From 2022 the labels are made on FSC certified paper

We use FSC certified cartons and PEFC and FSC certified wooden boxes – two internationally recognised certifications related to responsible forest management

We work to eliminate the use of plastic for our packaging and warehouses

Adopting sustainable every day is crucial for us

It is a commitment to the earth and its resources, to our people, to the communities of reference and above all to future generations. Not only that, this also guarantees us to offer a quality product, that knows how to tell the territory and its traditions.

Dosio Winery,
passion for wine and
one goal:
Preserve and enhance a local product