Looking to the past
to vinify the future

Reinterpreting tradition in a contemporary context while preserving the history and heritage of these places: this has been the guiding principle behind the various renovation and restoration works carried out at our winery over the years. It all began in the 1970s when, driven by a strong passion for viticulture and an intuition that the surrounding hills were an ideal place for vineyards, the ancient farmhouse dating back to the first half of the 18th century was transformed into a wine estate, giving rise to Dosio Vigneti.

The expansive structure, located on the outskirts of the historic village of La Morra, at the highest point of the Serradenari hill, enjoys an enchanting position: favorable winds, open towards the Maritime Alps, with a view over the Cuneo and Turin plains. These characteristics immediately make it the heart of the estate and wine production. he gentle hills seem perfect for hosting both native Piedmontese varieties and international ones. Thus, alongside Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Freisa, the first Merlot vines from the village of La Morra find a home, giving birth to Eventi, a wine that bears witness to the strong long-term vision and the desire to be pioneers – values that are constant and indispensable, then as now.

2010 marks another important year: new owners, the Lanci family, take over from the founders and, thanks to careful renovation, give the company a new look.

In total respect for the historical significance of the place, new areas dedicated to the presentation and tasting of wines are set up with a single objective: to enhance the splendid position of the company, completely immersed in the vineyards and located 500 meters above sea level, with a view that stretches to the summit of Monviso. If investing in a company at such an altitude could have been a risk at the end of the 1990s, especially for a grape like Nebbiolo, time has rewarded the courage of the choice.

Production has always been carried out
with a focus on quality and tradition,
with particular attention, especially in
recent years, to the environment thanks to new
cultivation and production methodologies
that minimize environmental impact.

The parsimonious use of technology does not
alter natural rhythms but optimizes the production
process. In 2021, alongside the traditional large and
medium-sized barrels, new types of conical vats
were introduced, representing a significant innovation
in winemaking and demonstrating how modern
technologies go hand in hand with tradition
when it comes to aging.

In the same years, significant expansions have
also affected the winemaking and aging facilities
to keep pace with the growth of the winery.