Presenting the region through wine

Piedmont, Langhe, La Morra.
A region where the histories of men and vines form a partnership whose
beginning is lost in the mists of time and whose end is unimaginable.
Against this almost sacred backdrop we work quietly, respecting the environment, history and traditions.

Respect for the environment

Our vines are grown in accordance with the
rhythms of nature as far as possible, since nature
has all the potential and strategies to yield the best
of its fruits.

No herbicides are used, because the grass and
its roots provide the soil with the oxygen it needs
and ensure a natural balance. We employ a very
close planting layout to encourage the vines to root

We also adopt integrated pest management
, to dramatically reduce the use of

Almost all of the work in the vineyards
pruning, thinning and desuckering – is performed
manually. The grapes are harvested entirely by
hand, in the traditional way: the clusters are picked,
placed in baskets and, thanks to the vicinity of the
winery, moved quickly on to the next stages to be
turned into fine wine.


In this part of Piedmont, the relationship with the
earth, and work in the fields and the vineyards
have always had a strong influence on popular

Patience, experience and the old wisdom
passed down
from generation to generation,
which we treasure, guide our work every day.

Today, we have new knowledge and more
advanced technology, but we continue to produce
wine with the same care and respect as our
grandfathers: no herbicides, traditional
mowing and cutting, copper and sulphur on
the vines, long
ageing in the cellars in large
oak barrels

We are proud that our wines follow
tradition, the classic approach.
This is what makes them unique and appreciated.

Cantine Dosio, a passion for wine
and a sole objective:
to conserve and enhance
the distinctive nature of a local product


The distinguishing feature of our production is certainly the constant and continuous pursuit of quality: in the end product, our processes, the soil and the vines.

Unquestionably, a great wine also requires favourable environmental conditions, but above all it needs the passion and commitment we have always dedicated to winemaking.
Put together, these characteristics create a style, a way of life.

Our style, the characteristic that distinguishes us, is without doubt a deep respect for the environment, nature and its resources, constancy and a commitment we renew on a daily basis.