MGA vineyards

We cultivate about 17 hectares of vineyards, mainly in La Morra in the immediate vicinity of the winery,
including the Fossati vineyard in Barolo and the Bussia one in Monforte d’Alba.
Especially exposure, incline, nature and soil structure are of vital importance,
together with careful management of the vineyard in addition of respect of the land.

The Serradenari Cru
Barolo from the hilltops

Serradenari is an historic Barolo vineyard, a
Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva (MGA) officially
recognised as a vineyard with precise and
specific boundaries, which produces an elegant
Barolo of extraordinary quality

According to the municipal map of 30 September
1880, drafted by Filippo Ravinale, a La Morra
land surveyor, Serradenari is the highest point
of the Barolo vineyards,
 with approximately five
giornate”* of barolo and barbera.

(* A giornata is an old Piedmontese unit of land area.)

The Fossati Cru
A unique terroir

Some of the Dosio vineyards are located in the
Fossati MGA, an important Cru closely linked to
the winery’s history: Barolo Dosio Fossati was
the first wine to bear the name, back in 1986
. A
warmer area with a chalky soil. the Fossati MGA
produces a more nervous Barolo, which gradually
acquires exceptional characteristics over time.

A relatively young area of land, whose soil
presents a good percentage of sand. This is why
the wines produced from grapes grown here are
distinguished by an aroma rich in floral and red
fruit notes.

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