Established in 1974 on the site of an old farmhouse
dating back to the middle of the 18th century,
over the years the winery has been completely restructured.
The approximately 13 hectares of vineyards
located mainly between La Morra and Barolo
guarantee production of an impressively high quality.


Just outside the hamlet of La Morra
in the Serradenari region was an old farmhouse
dating back to the first half of the 18th century.

The large typically rural building was in a delightful position,
favoured by the winds and open to the Maritime Alps.
At a height of five hundred metres above sea level,
it offered a view stretching across the plains of Cuneo and Turin to the splendid backdrop of the Alps, from the Maritime range to the Monte Rosa massif.

The surrounding hills seemed to be the ideal site for a vineyard, and it was this intuition combined with a passion for winemaking that led, in 1974, to the conversion of the farmhouse into a winery, which soon established a place in the Piedmontese wine community as an internationally acknowledged producer of outstanding quality.


2010 was another important year: the founders sold the
winery to new owners who undertook a carefully
thought-out restructuring that transformed the estate.

While the location’s historic values were left intact,
new areas were created for the presentation and tasting
of the wines, enhancing the winery’s splendid
position in the vineyards, with views sweeping across
to Monte Viso.

Quality and tradition continue to be core production
values, but special attention is paid to the
through use of latest-generation growing
and production methods to minimise environmental

Parsimonious use of technology optimises the
production process without altering the rhythms of
nature. Work in the vineyard is based on cutting-edge
principles inspired at all times by respect for the
environment, to produce quality grapes, the
raw material for great wines.

Come and visit our winery

Not just wine, but a journey of discovery.
An experience that begins in the vineyards, moves on
to the cellars and ends with the opportunity to sample
our wines.