Only grapes of the finest quality
produce great wines

Careful management of the vineyard
that respects the land

We firmly believe that the best fruits can only be obtained by respecting the environment.
This is why we want to keep human intervention to a minimum
and uphold the natural balances that already exist.

Every action is performed in accordance with tradition, to achieve continuity between past and present.
The wisdom and experience of the people who understand the land have always inspired and guided our approach.


An age-old activity, a long and meticulous job performed in the vineyard at the end of winter, before vegetative growth resumes: that’s pruning.

Certainly, experience is fundamental to understand and support the behaviour of each vine, to give the branches the best shape and to leave the shoots that will produce the right vegetation.

Therefore, performed entirely by hand, pruning is fundamental in determining the quality of the grapes because it influences the vines’ productive capability and the ripening of the fruit.
We use the Guyout pruning system.

Sustainable management of nature

We do not practice chemical weed control in our vineyards.

For years our approach has been geared to total respect for the environment. In our philosophy, human intervention must be limited to assisting the generative power of nature, where every element has an important role to play.

For example, grass has a specific function: the roots penetrate the soil, keeping it soft and oxygenated. Moreover, a grass cover prevents the soil from being washed away by rainwater.

In addition, to enhance oxygenation, every year we turn over the earth in alternate rows, so that we always have easy access to the vines.

Selection of the grapes

Each vine, depending on its vigour, must be able to concentrate all its vital energy on the fruit so that it ripens fully: to ensure this, several inspections are made in the vineyards to examine every plant and thin out the clusters. In addition, each vine must have a suitable load of grapes, depending on its location, so that all the bunches can ripen fully.
Moreover, during the phenological stage, when the grapes begin to change colour, an additional selection is made to remove the weaker clusters.

Thinning out and selection are jobs performed by experts who know how to assess the state of a vine and its fruit at a glance. This skilled work ensures that only the healthiest and most vigorous bunches of grapes are harvested.

A quality wine begins life in the vineyard.

Grape harvest

The harvest takes place between mid-September and the end of October, depending on the degree of ripening of the grapes and the atmospheric conditions.

The grape harvest is a ritual, a celebration that embodies all the hard work performed over the course of the season.
The right moment is chosen based on analyses, atmospheric conditions and, above all, the sensory assessment performed in the vineyard: at this stage too, the old farming experience and wisdom are fundamental.

Once the harvest begins, it moves ahead as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of bad weather.

Our harvest is conducted exclusively by hand.
The bunches of grapes are placed in boxes up to a weight of about 20 kg, an amount that ensures the grapes are not crushed.
The winery is located just a few yards from the vineyards: minutes after being picked, the grapes will reach the conveyor belt to be transported to the vinification rooms.

Come and visit our winery

Not just wine, but a journey of discovery.
An experience that begins in the vineyards, moves on
to the cellars and ends with the opportunity to sample
our wines.