Eventi Langhe D.o.c.

Langhe doc Eventi Dosio Vigneti

Grape type



In oak barrels


  • Intense purplish red
  • Ripe fruits and spices
  • The perfect combination of tannins with the sweetness of Merlot gives Eventi a pleasantly balanced flavour

Tasting with a tour of the vineyards and winery

A choice of 4 from the following wines:  Arneis, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo,  Barbera Superiore, Barolo

Barolo unveils its secrets

Focus on Barolo
Minimum 8 participants

A stroll through the vineyards

Educational tour of the vineyard, the production stages in the winery, and sampling of 5 of our wines

Come and visit our winery

Not just wine, but a journey of discovery.
An experience that begins in the vineyards, moves on
to the cellars and ends with the opportunity to sample
our wines.